iOS Installation

1. Before doing anything else, you first need to install TestFlight. TestFlight is an official Apple platform typically used by developers to beta test applications; this game uses it to bypass the App Store (for obvious reasons, the game cannot be on the App Store).
2. Head over to EROLABS and select the iOS option. It should directly open the game’s installation page on TestFlight. It will have a random name and show “Expires in 90 days”, but you can completely ignore this. The game will not be deleted from your phone, so don’t worry. Hit Install and the game should install like any other application.
3. If selecting the iOS option doesn’t launch TestFlight directly and instead sends you to an external page, make sure you’re using Safari, then click the button on the page to launch TestFlight. Follow the instructions in Step 2 and you should be good to go.
4. If you get a notification in TestFlight that the Beta is full, or a warning in Chinese on the external page, it means that the application has reached maximum downloads (there is a limit of 10,000 downloads for TestFlight). Wait till the next working day (09:00 server time, you may refer to the clock at the top of this Discord server) for the publisher to reset the application download, then try again.

Android Installation

1. Normally, there are no prerequisites to installing the game for Android, but make sure you’ve enabled third party installations in your device settings. In addition, if for some reason your device can’t install APKs on its own, you might need to get an APK installer from the Play Store.
2. Head over to EROLABS and select the Android option. It should download the game’s APK directly to your device. Once downloaded, run the APK and the game should be automatically installed.
3. If you are using an emulator, make sure to drag the downloaded APK from your computer’s Downloads folder into your emulator to install it properly.

If you’re a new player looking for a guide on how to progress quickly, you’re in the right place! Start with a Guest Account. The first order of events is to complete the tutorial, which is fairly straightforward. Once you’ve done that, continue on and complete the story up to 1-01. After 1-01’s cutscene, go back to Castle and collect all the rewards from the Mailbox and Achievement List at the top right of the screen. Then, go back to the Prologue map and claim 350 Demonite from the two chests at the bottom. You should now have around 13000 Demonite to spend, which you should promptly use on the ETERNAL SUMMON (DO NOT SUMMON ON ANY OTHER BANNERS) almost 30 times on the Summon page. Make sure to pick up the 5 Summon Contracts from the Mystery Shop for 300 Demonite each to give your rerolls more mileage. If there are any redemption codes available, you should use them too for additional summons (check the Discord server).

Why Eternal Summon? Why not some other banner?
They usually suck, and you’re ruining your own chances to get Daphne and Lulu (the best Healers in the game) if you reroll on any other banner. If you’re looking to reroll, you should optimally get Daphne OR Lulu OR Satan + Salucia, Iblis or KS-VIII. The “perfect roll” would be Daphne OR Lulu AND Satan. Daphne = Lulu = Satan > Salucia = Iblis = KS-VIII > Ba’al > Lana > Mesmiia for SSRs Logout (Settings > Main Menu > Refresh button at the top left) and login with another guest account to reroll.

What do I do now?
Continue the story until you complete Chapter 4. Make sure to Boost your units to your current level using EXP potions whenever you have the opportunity to, and you shouldn’t have any difficulty doing this. Leave Potentials and Evolutions alone for now. Make sure to clear all missions in each map to get Demonite and a Soul, as well as much needed EXP. Most importantly, SAVE YOUR DEMONITE!

What am I saving Demonite for?
Typically, you wait for events with good rewards and use Demonite to refill your energy to farm them. At the moment, there isn’t much reason to spend Demonite on summons past the reroll stage, though if you want to I wouldn’t recommend doing more than 3 10-pulls on the Eternal Summon. Save up for when a powerful limited character is released, or for when you see something you like.

At this point, if there’s an event available, you should start farming it. If not, you can continue progressing the main story and farm Daily Quests for whatever materials you need whenever you encounter a stage you can’t beat, to gain more levels. Silver and EXP Potions are recommended to farm as you will always need them.

Chapter Completion Packages
These single-purchases unlock after the prologue, and you will have 12-24 hours after completing a chapter to purchase these packages. The exception is the Lulu package from Chapter 1, which takes 7 days to expire. These packages are typically pretty good deals (the lower their ecoin cost, the better the value), and you should definitely buy the cheaper ones if you intend to spend money on the game. The ecoin price is in brackets.

Prologue (280)
Large Energy Potion x3
10-Summon Contract x1
Forbidden Fruit x10

Chapter 1 (3550)
Phasi Princess Lulu x1
Lulu’s Essence x20
Forbidden Fruit x15
Wind Key x1
Silver Coin x50000

Chapter 2, 3 (350 each)
Large Energy Potion x1
10-Summon Contract x1
Silver Coin x60000

Chapter 4, 5, 6 (700 each)
Summon Contract x6
10-Summon Contract x1
Large Energy Potion x2
Silver Coin x180000

Chapter 7, 8 (1160 each)
Large Energy Potion x4
10-Summon Contract x2
Silver Coin x360000

Chapter 9 onwards (2320 each)
Recruitment Order x10
10-Summon Contract x3
Large Energy Potion x4
Silver Coin x720000

Level Up Packages
These unlock at specific player levels. You have 24 hours after reaching a level to purchase these packages. Similar to chapter completion packages in terms of value.

Level 15 (350)
Large Energy Potion x1
10-Summon Contract x1
Silver Coin x60000

Level 30 (700)
Summon Contract x6
10-Summon Contract x1
Large Energy Potion x2
Silver Coin x180000

Level 35, 40 (1160 each)
Large Energy Potion x4
10-Summon Contract x2
Silver Coin x360000

Level 45, 50, 55, 60 (2320 each)
Recruitment Order x10
10-Summon Contract x3
Large Energy Potion x4
Silver Coin x720000

Planning to whale or shrimp? Here’s how you should spend your money

Summon Support (13 Summon Tickets for 140 ecoins)
Level Up and Limited chapter completion packages for 350 ecoins or less (including the 280 ecoin package after Prologue)
Monthly Soul Card (3 Souls immediately, 1 Soul & 1 Memory Crystal a day for 1050 ecoins)
Level Up and Limited chapter completion packages for 700 ecoins or less
Soul Bundles (3550 ecoins and above), first purchase only
Level up and Limited chapter completion packages for more than 700 ecoins
Soul Bundles (2130 ecoins and below), first purchase only
Soul Bundles, after first purchase
This assumes you are being patient and using Souls exclusively on Daily Super Summons.

Monthly Energy Card (1 Large Energy Potion, 100 Demonite a day for 30 days for 700 ecoins)
Pick-Me-Up Bundle (10 Large Energy Potions, 20 Assault Tickets for 350 ecoins)
Expedition Bundle (20 Large Energy Potions, 30 Assault Tickets for 700 ecoins)

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I redeem codes?
Menu > Settings > Other > Redeem Code

What does a usual team composition look like?
Obviously it varies depending on what content you’re trying to tackle, but usually teams consist of two healers, two attackers/obstructers, and one protector. This can be changed up a bit, for example, you can run no protectors and two healers with three attackers, or two attackers and two healers with one protector. Check out the Team Builder to create a cookie cutter team that can tackle most, if not all, content.

What do I do with Souls?
Souls are best used on Daily Super Summons. There is simply no other conversion that gets you as much value as this – they can be exchanged at a rate of 15 for a 10-Summon Contract, or 1 for 300 Demonite. A single summon is worth 500 Demonite, so there you go.

What are Memory Essence and Memory Orbs?
Memory Essence are specific to each character, and are important evolution materials. 3★ evolution requires 40, 4★ evolution requires 55, and 5★ evolution requires 125. Memory Orbs are a currency you get from summoning more than 5 copies of the same unit, which can be exchanged for Memory Essence of a unit of your choice. The first 20 Memory Essence for a specific unit cost 1 Memory Orbs each, the next 70 cost 2 Memory Orbs each, and the last 125 cost 3 Memory Orbs each.

Pulling duplicate characters gets you…
SSR: 10 Memory Orbs
SR: 5 Memory Orbs
R: 1 Memory Orb
N: 1 Memory Orb

What are Flawless Spirits and Skill Fragments/Stones?
Flawless Spirits are 5★ evolution materials (3 required for SSR, 2 for SR, 1 for R or N). The only way to obtain them is through the Shop (at a cost of 10000 Demonite, or for real money when specific event packages are available) or Events. Skill Fragments/Stones are required to unlock special skills for units at Potential Level 3, 6 and 12, and can be obtained through similar means.

Should I be upgrading my unit Potentials or Evolving them?
In a nutshell, no. Unless you’re actively trying to tackle the Demon Spire, it’s usually not worth investing in evolution or upgrading potentials. This is because Silver Coins become extremely scarce at higher levels, and are much better used on leveling up your entire team. If you intend to spend a lot of money on this game, disregard this. The one exception to this is 3★ Iris and Minayomi – if you have the resources and use them in your team, evolve them as soon as possible, as they are very solid characters to use and get even better with their 3★ abilities. Otherwise, leave evolution and potentials for the endgame.

What is the cooldown to join another guild after I leave my current one?
12 hours.

What is the point of summoning duplicate units?
Summoning duplicate units has a dual purpose: increasing Bond level and providing extra Memory Essence of that particular unit per duplicate. Increasing Bond level increases the unit’s ultimate ability power, and automatically unlocks tier 2 (and 3, if you summon at least two duplicates) sex scenes without the need for a key (you still need to fill up the meter with sex toys). Summoning duplicate units is the only way to increase Bond level.

Why does my Idol Iblis seem to not be doing anything?
Her attack applies a stackable bleed that procs at the end of the opponent’s turn. The normal attack stacks with the ultimate ability, and they stack with themselves, causing major damage over time and simultaneously providing immense damage mitigation. Her output is comparable to Ba’al’s, a fully fledged attacker.

When does the limit for energy refills using Demonite reset?
It resets daily. Conquest level 3 gives you 23 refills per day (6900 Demonite total), while Conquest level 5 gives you 25 refills per day (7500 Demonite total).

Is there a difference between using Demonite, Summon Contracts, or Souls to summon? Is there a difference between 10-pulls and single pulls?
No. All summons are equal.

What should I buy from the Mystery Shop, Bazaar, Conquest Shop and Guild Shop?

Mystery Shop: 10,000 Silver Coins for 20 Demonite, Summon Contracts for 300 Demonite, Recruitment Orders for 150 Demonite, Forbidden Fruits for 100 Demonite. If you intend to spend a fairly significant amount of money on the game, 100,000 Silver Coins for 1 Soul and 25 Humongo EXP Potions for 1 Soul are also good deals.

Bazaar: Whatever elemental stones you need for characters you intend to evolve, and Recruitment Orders (not Emergency Recruitment Orders). Silver Coins at 50% off are okay too. Energy Potions whenever you see them.

Conquest Shop: Essences for characters you intend to evolve, and Silver Coins when they are on 80% off. Flawless Spirits if you’re Conquest 7 and need them for 5★ evolution.

Guild Shop: Discounted Silver Coins, and Demonite/Summon Contracts whenever they appear.

Can you get SSRs from Recruitment?
Yes, with the extremely rare Leader tag. It’s completely RNG and there are no prerequisites to obtaining this tag. The Elite tag similarly guarantees SR characters.

How long should I recruit for?
There really isn’t much reason to do any less than 9 hours, as you’ll run out of Recruitment Orders eventually anyway. The longer the Recruitment, the less likely it is for you to lose the tags you have chosen.

Is there a difference in Dispatch configurations?
Yes, but the difference is so minuscule and the randomness factor is so extreme that it isn’t worth researching how to configure your Dispatch teams at all.

How do I use Business/War Tickets?
Daily Quests > War Games or Business Time.

Can you have two variants of the same character on your team simultaneously (e.g Iblis and Idol Iblis)?

Does pity carry over from one pity banner to the next?

What is the most efficient place to grind for levels?
It doesn’t matter. EXP gain has a linear correlation with Energy usage (1:12 ratio).

How do I interrupt enemy charge attacks?
Attack them the specified number of times. Note that you will have to break their shields before you can interrupt an attack.

How do I increase my Conquest Level?
Play the story.

Level 1: 0-7
Level 2: 1-9
Level 3: 2-10
Level 4: 4-14
Level 5: 7-16

Further levels are gained by making Store purchases. Level 5 is the maximum for F2P players.

Why is my card getting rejected on PayPal purchases?
You need to verify your debit/credit card before attempting to make purchases with it. Refer to for more information.

How do I reset my password or email?

How do I get my Subscriber role on Discord?
Message @TenkafuMA! – Bian#3229 with your Patreon details after subscribing to TenkafuMA’s Patreon and they will grant you the role.

Daily Quest Rotation

Monday: Fire + Wind Evolution Materials, Fire Sex Toys
Tuesday: Water + Wind Evolution Materials, Water Sex Toys
Wednesday: Fire + Darkness Evolution Materials, Wind Sex Toys
Thursday: Fire + Light Evolution Materials, Light Sex Toys
Friday: Water + Darkness Evolution Materials, Dark Sex Toys
Saturday: Water + Wind Evolution Materials, All Sex Toys
Sunday: Darkness + Light Evolution Materials, All Sex Toys

TenkafuMA! Tools by justwepurin (includes recruitment and potential tool)

Energy Usage Calculator by Nanoha