The Demon Spire is home to some of the most challenging content in the game. Like the tower mode of many other similar games, you clear up to level 60, with each level having increasing difficulty and better rewards. Rewards are calculated based on how many stars you get cumulatively – if you get 3 stars for all 60 stages, you will have 180 in total, allowing you to obtain all possible rewards. However, the requirements for each stage vary and are displayed before you start the battles. Early stages also lock your team to a certain level, forcing you to have evolved units or investment in potentials for the higher levels of the Spire. This guide will attempt to make Spire completion as accessible as possible. Before we begin, please check out the Team Builder to see what basic preparations and team compositions will work well here. 

Every new season the floors drop by 20. Sunken Floors can be found here.
If there’s any mistake or question in the guide, feel free to ask them in Discord.

Season 9

Enemy Profile

Bloodlust Volleyball KS-VIII

A rather straightforward stage. If you get confused, just check character status menu.

Start of the game she introduces the mechanic and pass the ball on pos 1, 3 and 5 for the next 3 turns. The units who “caught” the ball will become paralyzed and receive a positional debuff that will be pass onto the unit on her right when performed an attack. Guarding can “keep” the ball/debuff. The debuff will Paralyze that unit for 2 turns. You can “cheese” by having units immune to Paralysis or cleanse with Aiko if in Position 3. You can also clump the debuffs together by continuing to guard a unit with the debuff while passing the other 2 debuffs to that unit over a few turns. Remember to take action on the character before they get passed on the ball.

Starting on Turn 5 and every 5n turns, she will prepare an ultimate that deal True Damage AOE for the following turn. During the prep, each attack on her will reduce her Attack Power, up to 3 times. If Guarding or 2 Attacker won’t help you survive, you should bring a 3rd attacker to reduce her damage more. The Boss Ignores taunt, so tanks are not much help.

Enemy Profile

Disciplined Maid Sophie

Starting Turn 1, each of your characters’ actions are being watched by Sophie. Their scores range from 0 to 6. Attacking increases score by 1. ULT increases score by 3. Guarding decreases score by 2. You are graced with a Team Wipe if any of your units exceed 6.

Starting on Turn 3, Sophie will begin with [Knife Throwing-Preface] and hit multiple times on 2 targets and gain various buffs.
On Turn 4 and every 6n-2, she casts [Knife Throwing-Breaking], an AoE which removes Shield, decrease Shield Effectiveness by 500% for 1 turn, and grant player “paralyze when Guard Stance is removed” for 6 turns.
On Turn 5 and every 6n-1, she casts [Knife Throwing-Urgency], first remove Player’s Guard Stance, then apply AoE and Damage Over Turn for 4 turns.
On Turn 6 and every 6n, she casts [Knife Throwing-The Final Chapter], a Single Target attack on all targets.
Finally, on Turn 7 and every 6n+1, she will cast [Dinner Plate Assassination]first remove Player’s Guard Stance, then apply heavy AoE.

The fight cycles from those abilities. Mainly manage your Ultimate skills, Attacking and Guarding so that you do not exceed 6 stacks of [Disrespect], Also make sure you do not guard randomly and have full HP on 6n-2 and 6n+1 turns, because you cannot Guard in those turns. Guard will paralyze your characters and you are pretty much dead on the next turn’s ability.

Enemy Profile

The Sun Minayomi

The Devil Aiko

Valentine’s Day Asina

The Star Daphne Bloom

Goal: Kill all enemies to complete the stage.

A straightforward stage if you understand their moves.
At the start, all Bosses will have their HP locked at 1%. 
On 4n turns, Daphne will buff the team and grant Shield to lowest-hp ally.
On 5n turns, Asina will deal True Damage to position 3.
On 6n turns, Aiko will start charging her ult for the following turn. You need to hit Daphne with basic attack to decrease Aiko’s damage. Minayomi then does a hard hitting ult on Position 1, 2 and 5. 

Whenever a Boss hit below 50% HP, they will get a “Reverse” buff that removes their HP lock and grants all Bosses an ability (show on the rundown list).

Recommend kill order Asina > Aiko > Minayomi > Daphne. This is the quickest way to remove high threat targets. Or you can do Daphne > Aiko > Asina > Minayomi if you cannot handle the shield from Daphne.

An AoE team composition with Aiko + Iris (4* minimum, but 5* is the sweet spot) will also get you in under the Turn limit, but you will need heavy shields and healing to ensure success as the Reversed effects are applied to all units, which means that they will get extra attacks (2x at 50% potency) and extra debuffs (take more damage) for each attack that hits your units.

Enemy Profile

Grand Sorcerer Natasha

Sword Of Empire Juneau

Omniscient Britney

Fearless Warrior Blaire

Counter Blade Anna

Goal: Kill all enemies to complete the stage. 

The fight is basically revolve around 2 phases (mark in light pink and light purple).
On the first phase, remember to hit Blaire twice during
[Start Action] to lower her Attack Power. You need to save at least 1 ULT for the following turn. When Natasha is charging, you need to use 1 ULT to break Ana’s Taunt. Then deal damage to Natasha’s HP (need to break through shield) to break her charge and stun her.

On the second phase, remember to guard [Double Spear] on Slot 2 and 4 since it is True Damage. You only need to damage Natasha twice to break her charge for [Frosty Storm].

Prefer kill order: Blare > Natasha > Ana > Juneau > Britney
The real threat is Blare as her ability deal really high damage and can paralyze.

Team comp recommendation by Lone

Experiment Room

Special Unit Gamma


Special Unit Alpha

Special Unit Beta

Goal: Kill all Special Units to complete the stage.

Start of the fight, Muila reduce Player HP to 25%(Milae flashback) and apply debuff that reduce Attack Power, Recovery Rate and Shield Effect. Recommend to bring strong upfront healing and/or recovery rate up. 

Beware on 8n + 1 turn, where Alpha would stack lot of buff, then her ULT can one shot most character. Guard on those with weaker stat ally. Also beware on 11th turn where Muila will cast True Damage AOE like in the beginning.

Prefer kill order: Gamma > Alpha > Beta
Overall the stage is not difficult, just keep track of their Moves and act accordingly.

Crimson Taboo

Exiled Snake Crimson Taboo

NOTE: There’s a translation error on the buff, [Purple Palace], casted onto Player in the beginning. Instead of % of Attack Power, it is % of your MAX HP. All other form of damage are negated except DOT.

This floor is very cheeky, every 4 turns, she casts [Scarlet Strength] that increases your Party’s Attack Power by 50% when you use Basic Attacks. On the following turn, she will cast [Snake’s Venom] on Player, which on action, give self a DOT 60% of own Attack Power for 6 turns. If you bring too much Attack Power buffer, you will hit yourself harder than you can imagine. Recommend to either Guard or ULT during these two turns and make sure don’t buff Attack Power during [Snake’s Venom] turn.

Beware when her HP is below 50%, she will trigger a conditional check until she dies: If Player used 3 or more ULTs within a single turn, she will cast a very strong AoE attack (If you used 3+ ULTs and dropped her HP below 50%, she will also trigger the attack).

Suggest to bring HP buffer like Miru or Hm-Fiora. Using Iris or Idol Noel is also feasible if you have them built, since DOT still can apply damage. Taboo is only 50% resistant to all status, you can use silence and paralysis to prevent her from casting [Snake’s Venom] thus neutralized her dangerous kit completely. Sleep is not recommended because Player damage is a follow-up attack, which would wake her up immediately.

Flashing Victory

Flashing Fang

This stage is basically teaching you how to read status and not using 2X speed.

On her first phase, she will lock HP at 60%. On the first turn, she will call out [Selfless Horizon: Form ‘X’], at which she will target position X on the next turn. Simply just guard on said position. If you guard other position, position X will receive a Recovery debuff. This rotation repeats until you successfully blocked 3 times of her attack plus one more rotation.

On her second phase, she will lock HP at 10%. Everything is the same as first phase, except this time she will call out positions. This rotation repeats until you successfully blocked 3 times and plus one more rotation.

At the final phase, you have only 1 turn to kill her, otherwise she will wipe your team next turn.

DO NOT bring tank in this floor, her callout attack will ignore Taunt, and tank like Satan and Evie who gain Guard Stance on Attack will get their Guard Stance Cleansed. Recommend to bring 2~3 strong heal overtime healer. The stage all do True Damage and it only gets more painful. If you only bring 1 healer, when your healer get locked down you will not able to recover. Just need enough burst to kill her at the final phase.



NOTE: There are a few translation errors in this stage (as least not as bad as Crimson Taboo).
First, “On Normal Attack, take 50% more damage (2T)” should mean  “Increase Damage Taken from Basic Attack (2T)”.
Second, when Ayane learn lesson from Healers, she gains “On Normal Attack, heal your target by 200% Attack Power”, it should’ve been heal herself. 

This stage is basically yell for burst damage (and setup for Caesar, 3* needs an Obstrutor? Seriously?). At the beginning she will do a conditional check on your roaster. If there are more than 2 of the same class, she will learn those class stance and gain corresponding buffs. 

Every 2n turn, she will “nicely” ask a random existing class to teach her a lesson. When the chosen class attack her, she will gain a buff. You can either guard or use ultimate, but recommend you do the former, so you can save ULTs for later.
Every 3n, she will cast a multi-hit, [Stardust Blade], on each of the character, this doesn’t do much damage (unless you teach her lot of attack lesson)
Every 4n, she will cast [Star Stream], gaining 350% ULT Power and give Player a status, which using ULT will reduce her Attack Power by 70%. On the next turn, Ayane’s will cast [Galaxy Destoryer], a heavy hit AOE. Recommend to use AT LEAST 3 ULTs to lower her Attack Power, then rest just guard. 

When her HP drop below 45%, she will charge [Blade Protection]. She sets to have 5 stacks of “Blade Protection”, which reduce 200% Damage Taken each (Total of 1000% Damage Reduction), while regaining 6% MAX HP every turn. During her charge, Player’s ULT removes 1 stack of her “Blade Protection”, since she regains 4 stacks every turn,  you need to use 5 ULTs at the same turn to break her charge. 

To cheese this stage, you can either set her HP to 45.x% then burst her from there in one turn, or bring enough vulnerability debuffer that can stack more than 101% (ex. Mina [25 + 30] + S.Shizuka [27 + 20]), then you only need to use 4 ULTs to break her charge. You only need to deal damage on her to break her charge, so 99% Damage Reduction is enough for you to damage her.

Experiment Room
S9 Spire 45 Alarm Inori

Accidental Alarm Inori

Automaton Security Bots: Form 1 

Automaton Security Bots: Form 2

Automaton Security Bots: Form 7

Goal: Kill all Automaton Security Bots.

A very straightforward stage. As Inori pretty much explains each Bot’s mechanic before each of their first actions. A new mechanic is Form 7 where she deals Damage based on 150% of the target’s current Shield amount. Such, if you have 2 million Shield, she will deal 3 million damage to you. This is basically to counter Daphne, especially during the combo turn.
Prefer kill order: 2 > 7 > 1 as Baton only hits much harder at later stage and it will paralyze.

Heat Blaze Song~!

Smooth Crooner Noel

Dancing Automaton KS-VIII

Troublemaker Mesmiia

Social Butterfly Shizuka

Goal: Kill everyone except Noel.

A very straightforward stage as well. Simplely bring a tank to absorb the silence/paralyze then you can proceed as normal.

Since Mesmiia and Shizuka only attack specific position, you can avoid putting weaker ally on those two positions. Put someone with elemental advantage so they take less damage as well. 

Preferably get rid of Shizuka first because of the Recovery Rate reduction. Or Mesmiia since her paralyze is scary. KS-VIII’s AOE is not threatening even though her debuffs are strong. But after you get rid of other two ST dealer she has no threat.

Sexy Lady's Revenge

Undead Guard Spade

Undead Guard Heart

Necromancer Queen Elizabeth

Undead Guard Diamond

Undead Guard Club

Goal: Reduce Elizabeth’s HP below 25%

A huge stat-check stage for either survivability or burst. If you do not have a META healer or one with recovery rate up like HM Fiora/Christmas Lana (All need 5*), then you would need very high investment to make it up. (If your only healer is Aiko, then you can stop trying) Team like Caesar/Usagi for quick basic attack down targets, or combo team like Bride Baal to burst down targets on combo turns. (Or Bride Baal with Iris, kill fire by fire amirite?)

Remove the guard as early as possible to avoid stacking up too much DOT.
A small mechanic on abilities triggered by Guards’ Death. If you kill X guards at the same turn, all previous abilities will not trigger. Ex. if you killed 3, Absorb Magic I & II will not trigger. Preferably kill 2 guards at the same time to at least avoid the 33% Attack Power buff.

If you have issue sustaining, then kill off Heart and Diamond first to prevent healing reduction. Otherwise kill off Spade/Club if you lack damage. Mix and Match depend on your own situation.

Illusory Mirage

Always Prepared Miru

Big Joystick Usagihime

A straight-forward stat-check stage (yes, again…). Since it asks you finish within 20 turns, it is heavily testing your damage.

The most important thing is to guard your weaker stat ally at 4n turn, since Usagihime’s attack will force taunt on the target, so the rest of her attacks will hit the same target. At 4n+1 turn, DO NOT manually guard, because she would initiate a very heavy ST attack while removing your guard stance. Using a tank will easily able to tank the hits. You can burst Usagihime down to 0% when she’s below 32% HP.

Miru gains total of 80% Damage Reduction plus 25% from her passive, basically Miru has 105% Damage Reduction outside of 4n round when she starts charging. You can try burst her down on those turns. During her charge, u need to hit her 4 times to break it, follow-up attack counts, so usagihime is perfect for this stage.

If you have problem surviving you should get rid of Usagihime first, otherwise get rid of Miru first if you don’t have enough damage. Basic Attack team with Vulnerability Debuffer like Mina/SShizuki can take her down pretty quickly.