The Demon Spire is home to some of the most challenging content in the game. Like the tower mode of many other similar games, you clear up to level 60, with each level having increasing difficulty, but doing so grants exclusive rewards. Rewards are calculated based on how many stars you get cumulatively – if you get 3 stars for all 60 stages, you will have 180 in total, allowing you to obtain all possible rewards. However, individual stages calculate stars differently. Instead of subtracting one star for every character you lose in battle, how fast you complete the stages determines the number of stars you get. The requirements for each stage vary and are displayed before you start the battles. Battles also lock your team to a certain level, forcing you to have evolved units or investment in potentials for the higher levels of the Spire. This guide will attempt to make Spire completion as accessible as possible. Before we begin, please check out the Team Builder to see what basic preparations and team compositions will work well here.

Spire 5

Phasi Princess Lulu
General Juneau

Devastating at first if you don’t know the mechanic, but once you do, is incredibly easy to deal with. All you need to do is to put your lowest HP character in Guard Stance every 4th (4, 8, 12, 16…) turn and use a protector Ultimate Ability that taunts the enemy every turn following every 4th turn (5, 9, 13, 17…). A good way to make the fight extremely easy is to guard your lowest HP unit every 4th turn, and then use Satan’s Ultimate Ability the subsequent turn. If you don’t have Satan, it’s fine, any protector with taunt works. Your lowest HP unit and your protector cannot be the same unit. You also cannot use Satan’s Leader Ability because Juneau applies a debuff on her first strike that makes the second strike deal 500% more damage (hence you need to taunt it away from your lowest HP unit). Note that Iris (or any other AOE character) cannot be used on this stage because she will end up killing Lulu, which will prompt Juneau to use an unblockable, instant killing AOE attack on your entire party. This ends up being a stat check to see if you can kill Juneau within the turn limit.

Spire 10

Dwarf Queen Lana
Elf Queen Salucia

An extremely difficult fight, Lana and Salucia always use their Ultimate Abilities every 3 turns starting from turn 4, and have alternate versions that have different effects. Every 6 turns starting from turn 4 Earthquake Slash: Inflicts high damage on your characters in position 2, 3 and 4. Archery – Tri-shot: Attacks the characters in position 1 and 5, then deals damage again to your entire team. Every 6 turns starting from turn 7 Dive and Destroy: Inflicts massive damage on the character in position 2. Guided Arrow: Attacks the character in position 4, then deals damage again to your entire team. The first variation of their Ultimate Abilities ignore shields, while the second ignores the main target’s Guard Stance (but can be absorbed by shields). You will need substantial stats on your characters to even survive these attacks. Make sure to use Guard Stance where necessary to survive these killer moves. Have a team that can survive the rotation of these attacks? Now, the real battle begins. once below 20% HP, both Lana and Salucia will charge up an unavoidable instant kill AOE. You have 1 turn after they fall below 20% HP to finish them off, or else you will lose. Dragonlight: Lana charges up for a turn. Dragon Slash: Instantly kills your entire team. Draw the Bow: Salucia charges up for a turn. Archery – Skybreaker: Instantly kills your entire team. For obvious reasons, you should therefore only focus down one target at a time, and ensure that you get them as close to 20% HP as possible before bursting them down. To make the job easier, you can use the damage ticks from Iris or Idol Iblis to make them go below the threshold on their turn, effectively giving you 2 turns to finish them off instead. You will still have to look out for their ordinary Ultimate Abilities every 3 turns. Likely requires heavy investment no matter how you strategize.

Spire 15

Archdemon Iblis
Archdemon Satan
Archdemon Ba’al

This should be extremely easy if you were able to beat Spire 10. However, there are a couple mechanics you will need to look out for here. Just like the Chapter 5 boss fight, you don’t want to attack Satan when she uses Brutal Brutality since she amplifies her damage reflection for one turn, unless you’re confident that your team can survive the counterattack. Satan also uses Focus Magic – Defense Break, which charges for a turn and then instantly kills one of your characters if you don’t use Guard Stance. Iblis has Protective Screen again, which, like in her story battle, should be guarded against as she unleashes an instant kill AOE attack the subsequent turn. Ba’al also proves to be a mild annoyance as she can use Mastery – Time Reverse, which is an AOE attack that increases your entire team’s Ultimate Ability CDs by 1. At 50% and 25% HP thresholds, each Archdemon gains various buffs, but these are largely inconsequential. If you want to play it safe, you can try to aim to take out Iblis first, as she has the highest damage output of the three (much like the actual playable character). Iblis and Ba’al also have their usual Ultimate Abilities (Poison Rose and Psychological Flames), which you will want to use Guard Stance against if your characters aren’t tanky enough to take the hit head on. Otherwise, the fight should be fairly simple.

Spire 20

Ba’al (x5)

A rather challenging fight, you will need to eliminate at least two of the doppelgangers before going for the main Ba’al (fire element), because the “real one” passively has 75% incoming damage reduction. Approximately 22.5% damage will be dealt to Ba’al for each doppelganger destroyed, which will make finishing Ba’al off much easier. In sequence, you should take out Dark > Light > Wind. Every time she casts Return Magic when a doppelganger is destroyed, she will follow up with a powerful AOE attack the next turn, which you should either guard, or interrupt by killing another doppelganger to cause her to use Return Magic again instead of that attack. Apart from that, just make sure you have sufficient stats and a good team with Iris that can take her out within the turn limit.

Spire 25

Idol Iblis
Archdemon Iblis

Incredibly difficult fight that will demolish your team if you don’t have high potentials (6+) and at least a few evolved characters. They function like the playable characters, in that Idol Iblis applies a stacking debuff that deals damage over time, and Iblis deals AOE damage as if she has her Leader Ability. Iblis typically targets your characters with the debuff from Idol Iblis, so be sure to guard where necessary. A 4★ Satan with high potentials should be sufficient to tank the entirety of their onslaught and make the fight much easier, but you will have to run three healers (choose three of four from Noel, Lulu, Aiko, Irene). A 3★ Iris with Aiko will be sufficient damage output to clear the stage in time, so you don’t have to worry about bring other attackers. Bond 5 on Satan will make the fight much easier, as you can run Noel as your leader (if you have her) and still permanently absorb all the incoming damage from the enemy team using Satan.

Spire 30

Dwarf Queen Lana

A “1v1” battle, Lana debuffs your entire team to make them deal 0 damage to her, while buffing your Leader to deal 100% more damage. As she is immune to damage over time debuffs, Iris and Idol Iblis are not viable here. This means that you will have to pick a conventional SSR attacker with a strong Leader Ability to succeed. Ideally, they should also be 5★ to have enough damage and to survive Lana’s powerful attacks. Ba’al, KS-VIII and Iblis are all possible options to fulfill this purpose. You can take the heat off your Leader by guarding with your other characters or bringing a protector to redirect Lana’s attacks, but it will only work once per other character (the next strike will instantly kill them, unless you have a 4* Satan or 3* Leona with potentials). Just make sure your Leader is strong enough to burst her down as fast as possible, and you should be fine.

Spire 35

Elf Queen Salucia
Elite Elven Archer A
Elite Elven Archer B
Elite Elven Archer C
Elite Elven Archer D

The main objective is to finish off all enemies on the same turn, or minimally to at least take out two on one turn and the rest on the next. To do this, you will have to either run an AOE heavy team composition, or have immaculate HP manipulation to ensure that no enemy dies early. Just imagine this as 6-10, except every enemy can instantly kill one of your characters if you kill any of them. To make matters worse, this is mechanically as complicated as Spire 20, as you will have to guard against both Concentrated Fire and Guided Arrow on specific turns, or you will lose that specific character:

Turn 3: Guard your character in position 3 against Concentrated Fire.
Turn 4: Guard your lowest HP character against Guided Arrow.
Turn 6: Guard your character in position 5 against Concentrated Fire.
Turn 8: Guard your lowest HP character against Guided Arrow.
Turn 9: Guard your character in position 4 against Concentrated Fire.
Turn 12: Guard your character in position 2 against Concentrated Fire.
Turn 15: Guard your character in position 1 against Concentrated Fire.
Turn 16: Guard your lowest HP character against Guided Arrow.
Turn 18: Guard your character in position 3 against Concentrated Fire.
… and so on.

Basically, Salucia will cast Concentrated Fire on turns that are a multiple of 3, and Guided Arrow on turns that are a multiple of 4. Extremely high stat requirements, although if you managed to beat Spire 40, you should be fine for the most part here as long as you’re able to pilot your team well.

Spire 40

Archdemon Iblis
Archdemon Satan
Archdemon Ba’al

Welcome back to Spire 15, your favorite Archdemons are now on steroids. The first order of business is to take down Satan and Iblis, because Satan will become invincible if you leave her for last. Iblis also gets ramping damage and starts spamming Ultimate Abilities if you leave her at low HP for too long, so taking her out first is the safest play. Every 6 turns, Satan will use Crazed, which is almost identical to the Brutal Brutality that she uses in 5-14 and Spire 25… except you have to throw everything you know about her and actually attack her when she uses this ability. Is the powerful counterattack still there? Of course, but the only way to realistically damage her is by attacking her on the turn that she uses Crazed, as she has high damage reduction otherwise. In other words, your team will have to tank through the damage she returns. Now that you have that in the back of your mind, you can proceed to make sure Iblis dies around turn 25 or so (by throwing your Basic Attacks at her while focusing all Ultimate Abilities on Satan), while unloading your entire arsenal on Satan whenever she uses Crazed. Every 7 turns, Iblis will start charging a powerful AOE attack that you need to cancel by attacking her thrice. The first time she does this, Ba’al will also follow suit, so make sure to cancel at least one, or otherwise guard your whole team. Subsequently, only Iblis will charge such an attack, but it will be even more powerful. Noel’s 5★ ability is necessary here if you want to beat the stage with “minimal” investment, as you won’t be able to survive these attacks otherwise. The alternative is to simply have incredibly high potentials and evolutions on all your characters, though you definitely need them regardless – it’s just a matter of how much you want to commit.

Spire 45

Slime-Girl (Dark)
Slime-Girl (Light)
Slime-Girl (Water)
Slime-Girl (Fire)

You only need to kill Nafrala in this fight, all other enemies will automatically die the following turn. The caveat is that Nafrala can only take Wind element damage, or damage over time. In other words, Idol Iblis or Chizuru are going to be extremely valuable here. If you want to clear it with 3 stars in one try, a 5★ Irene (with Satan permanently taunting) or 5★ Aiko will likely be necessary to purge the stacking ATK and DEF debuffs that the enemies place on your team. However, remember that you don’t have to get all three stars at once – you can complete a run in 20 turns or less with fire units, then take your time to clear it again without. Apart from this gimmick, there isn’t much to this stage other than having sufficient stats, although you should be fine if you got past Spire 40.

Spire 50

Ninja Ritsuki
Frantic Slumber Chizuru

The most difficult stage in the game. Damaging Chizuru or Ritsuki falling under 50% HP will wake her up, causing her to use her AOE Ultimate Ability every turn. Hence, you ideally want to take out Ritsuki before you wake Chizuru up, as dealing with both of them simultaneously is extremely dangerous, especially when you haven’t gotten your healing Ultimates up yet. The stat check for this stage is insane, although having Idol Iblis will lower the bar significantly, as she can apply her debuff to Chizuru without waking her up, causing Ritsuki to waste one of her two attacks every turn buffing Chizuru (who won’t do anything since she’s still asleep). Noel is practically mandatory here unless you have leviathan potentials. Once woken up, Chizuru alternates between hitting all five of your characters, and the characters in positions 2 and 4. Each individual hit applies a damage over time debuff that you can cleanse by guarding with that specific character. Naturally, you’ll want fire element characters in positions 2 and 4 as they will absorb the brunt of the attacks most often. You’ll have to make sure to guard them often as well, though don’t forget to guard the rest of your characters occasionally. Otherwise, just pass the stat check and you’ll be well on your way to completing the entire Spire, since everything that comes afterwards pales in comparison to this monster of a stage. Did the developers mistakenly swap Spire 50 and 60?

Spire 55

Bloodlust Berserker Satan

A three-phase battle, Satan takes damage every time you do anything other than guarding. Running Minayomi as your leader is key to winning this fight, as her Leader Ability, Ultimate Ability and 3★ Ability all amplify that self-damage as well as your entire team’s damage on her. This is extremely important in overcoming Satan’s behemoth of a health pool, as well as her innate healing whenever she takes damage. You can also run a 3★ Shizuka to nullify Satan’s healing completely, which will trivialize the fight and fulfill the requirement of a water character for 3 stars. Once she loses 10% of her HP, every action your characters make other than guarding will result in a counter attack to your entire team, so be careful with how many actions you make a turn. Satan herself hits hard, so a Bond 5 Satan will do well here to protect your team. When she has 25% of her HP remaining, she will enter her final phase, using AOE attacks with lifesteal every turn on top of everything she had previously. The pressure is truly on to finish the fight within 35 turns, but if you were able to clear Spire 50, you should be able to deal with this fairly easily as long as you invest in Minayomi.

Spire 60

Slaying Mecha KS-VIII

An incredibly fun battle, although probably significantly easier than most of the fights that came before it. KS-VIII always starts with Megathermal Heat Cannon, which applies a damage over time debuff to your entire team. It’s no big deal as long as you bring sufficient healing (which is a prerequisite for literally any battle anyway). The main feature of this fight is that KS-VIII stance switches between Beam Saber, Sniper Rifle and Particle Cannon configurations at random, which determine her actions for the next 3 turns. She also has 200% damage resistance that slowly shreds away over time, meaning you can only damage her later on in the fight, but she takes increasingly higher damage as the fight goes on.

Beam Saber: KS-VIII uses a multi-hit attack for two turns. On the third turn, she uses a powerful single strike that you should guard against.

Sniper Rifle: KS-VIII uses a single strike that targets characters who are in Guard Stance on the first turn, then targets the lowest HP character the subsequent two turns.

Particle Cannon: KS-VIII opens with a powerful AOE attack that you should guard against. Then, she charges for one turn, before unleashing the same attack again.

This fight is quite RNG influenced, since obviously you would want to avoid Particle Cannon stance as far as possible, as you waste a lot of time guarding your entire team. Daphne does very well here, even though KS-VIII deals double damage to shields – she simply provides way too much survivability and utility regardless. Spire 60 is essentially the victory lap after the hell that is Spire 50 and 55, so enjoy your prize.