This event has concluded, and the guide here is just for archival purposes.

Each section of the event opens on the following dates:

Section 1: 1/31
Section 2: 4/3 12:00
Section 3: 4/6 12:00
Section 4: 4/9 12:00
Section 5: 4/12 12:00

Each section has a limit on Virtue accumulation (1500 for the first four sections, 2000 for the fifth, and unlimited for the last one). After reaching the upper limit for the first four sections, you can no longer obtain Virtue from those sections. However, there is no limit on the last section and you can accumulate Virtue infinitely from it.

Purchasing the “Buckets O’ Virtue” gift package in the mall will not affect the accumulation meter for Virtue, but the 1,500 Virtue will still be added directly to your account. Purchased Virtue can be exchanged directly in the event gacha (Events > Easter Egg Attack > Claim). This is better for the player since it won’t reduce the amount of Virtue you can get from farming the events stages.

Virtue can only be obtained in the levels named “Soul-XX”.

The subsequent phases of the event gacha can be unlocked as long as you get the corresponding required rare drop from the previous event gacha, regardless of which sections of the event stages are unlocked at the moment.

Event FAQ

What is Virtue?
Virtue is event currency that can be used in the event gacha.

How does the event gacha work?
To access the event gacha, click the “Claim” button on the Easter Egg Attack page in-game. You exchange 10 Virtue at a time for a random reward from the gacha (shown in-game). Once you get the specified rare reward from the gacha, you unlock the next stage of the gacha with a new reward pool. Backwards navigation is enabled, so you can go back to the previous gacha if you so wish.

Which mission should I farm? Can I complete the event as a new player?
All Soul missions have the same energy to Virtue ratio, meaning that it doesn’t matter which one you farm. Therefore, in terms of completing the event and getting all the rewards, anyone can reasonably do so. Of course, new players will likely be unable to complete the Level 60 missions, but it makes no difference anyway.

How do I get Easter Bunny Satan for free from the event?
She’s in the fourth gacha. Get the specified rare reward from the first three gachas to gain access to the gacha with the free character in it.

What level is recommended to farm the lowest level Soul missions?
Level 18+ is sufficient if you’re manually playing. Level 22+ is recommended for safe automatic farming.

Should I use Demonite to refresh energy to farm the event?
Wait until all sections of the event are open in the final week to do this, but in a nutshell, yes, because the rewards are much better than anything else you could possibly get outside. Flawless Spirits, for instance, normally cost 10,000 Demonite.

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