Event Duration: 05/05/2021 ~ 05/19/2021

No one wants their loved ones to die. They cry and cry, hoping to bring back the dead. However, if they actually came back to life with a rotten and broken body, as well as the desire for your brains……

There are Wave Rewards and War Rewards in this limited event. Wave Rewards can be obtained by clearing waves of enemies; War Rewards can be obtained by accumulating War Points.

War Points
Play the event to obtain War Points. Completing Orders and having select characters on your team will allow you to get additional points.

Chizuru: 20%
Ritsuki, Lana, Noel, KS-VIII, Nana, Shizuka, Fiora: 10%

In this limited-time event, clearing waves without using any Special Supports will move you on to the next wave. Each wave is harder than the last. Of course, you’ll also get more War Points. If you find a certain wave is too hard, you can just go back to the previous level.

Special Supports
You can use Special Supports three times. You won’t get any additional points when you use a Special Support, and you won’t move onto the next wave.

Caesar has the right to give all kinds of ridiculous orders. Higher-level Orders will get you more War Points, but battles will be tougher. The difficulty levels of Caesar’s Orders are as follows: Basic (LV1 difficulty) Advanced (LV2 difficulty) Top-Secret (LV3 difficulty) Completing Basic Orders will unlock Advanced Orders. Top-Secret Orders will open after completing Orders with a total difficulty of 5. When Top-Secret Orders are unlocked, you can also start to participate in Daily Orders. The first Top-Secret Daily Order you complete each day will get you additional War Points. Each set of orders will appear twice during the event. If you miss the first one, don’t fret. You’ll get another chance (excluding the event’s final set of Orders).

Farming the Event You do not have to clear all 101 waves to get all the rewards from the event. It’s recommended to stick to the lowest level in a certain tier of difficulty that you can farm comfortably while having the most number of characters with an event bonus, as well as all Orders active, to get the most number of War Points. Higher difficulties give slightly more War Points, but it’s not worth giving up the event bonus or Orders for the bonus.

1-30 = 50 War Points
31-60 = 60 War Points
61-80 = 70 War Points
81+ = 80 War Points

Provided you started on the first day and use your energy to farm the event daily, you should be able to get all the rewards while having to use little to no Demonite to refresh energy. It’s definitely worth farming the event as there are two Flawless Spirits in the reward track.

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